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The Real HouseLife of a Tucson Realtor

Welcome to The Real HouseLife of a Tucson Realtor, a Tucson-based blog about everything Real Estate related.  Here I will discuss topics such as: interior design snapshots, tips to help increase your homes value, inspections and financing options, the road to becoming a savvy investor, and occasionally featuring some amazing off-market homes in the Tucson area.

As a Real Estate pro, I get asked a variety of questions in the preliminary purchase phase.  Questions about financing, how to get qualified, how much down payment is required and how much will you need to close?  Then there are questions about earnest money, escrow, title, inspections, the BINSR, SPDS and the CLUE (it’s an acronym game us Realtors like to play).  So I understand the amount of information being thrown at clients in a short period of time, which is why I want to help break down the steps and simplify the home buying process as much as possible.  I also understand the importance of putting your best foot forward when it comes to listing your home.  I plan to show you the tangible difference hiring a Real Estate pro can do for your bottom line.  I will include stories of the trade, day-to-day schedules and how I manage to balance it all!

The blog will also touch on things that I, and I am sure many of you, enjoy… binge watching HGTV home improvement shows and browsing Zillow for hours on end dreaming about homes.  I wanted to create a space where you can gather design tips and tools to spruce up your home without always breaking the bank and share things that clients love and hate when entering Tucson homes.  I aim to feature some of the most interesting and eye pleasing homes in Tucson and take you down the rabbit hole of desert design inspiration one post at a time!

So who I am?  I am Kristina Scott, wife, mom and professional house hunter.  I am born and raised in Tucson, AZ but haven’t lived here for over 14 years.  After high school I studied in Tempe, AZ at Arizona State University, where I earned a dual degree in marketing and broadcast journalism.  I went on to work for the Arizona State Senate for a few years in their news room, ACTV before deciding to leave that career and travel.  I ended up in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I eventually met my husband, James, and gave brith to our little girl, Talulah.  I began my Real Estate career in Vancouver, BC where I hustled for over three years until we decided the opportunity for investments and growth in the industry would be best suited for us in my hometown of Tucson; we eventually settled back in the fall of 2016. I am proud to work for Tucson Property Executives, a company my mom founded in 2011 and bring forth plans to grow the company, the culture and the brand.

My passion has always been in interior design which goes so well with my career in Real Estate.  In fact, when I was a little girl I rearranged my bedroom almost every weekend – I learned a lot of about using your legs to move large pieces and a thing called leverage.  My current obsessions are black & white, desert plants and neutral desert colors, mid-century modern (and just because you say mid-century modern, doesn’t actually make it mid-century modern!) and anything industrial.

I hope to act as a resource for you, a visualizer and hopefully inspire you to take a leap on a new home, investing and/or simply changing your beige wall to black!  And with that, Welcome to The Real HouseLife of a Tucson Realtor!

– Kristina 

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